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Fritzler Farms has been a family farm since the 50's, located in LaSalle, Co and home to the world famous Fritzler Farm Park. Serving their community in agriculture for more than 60 years and offering fun and educational agritainment for over 20 years Fritzler Farms has long felt the affects of agriculture. In 2019 Fritzler Farms entered into the hemp space growing 128 acres of industrial hemp for CBD. With what could be considered best as "riding on the edge of their seat" Fritzler Farms faced many challenges in the industry that proved to not be a 'farmer friendly' experience. Fritzler Farms role in Farmers Revival is to develop and provide a 'farmer friendly' and profitable experience in any industry including the hemp space. No matter if it is vetting companies for genetics, farm plans, custom work, harvest, drying, pre-processing, clear through to end product; Fritzler Farms experience and reputation speak volumes in providing the best opportunities to farmers.

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Glen Fritzler has worked as a farmer his entire life and started Fritzler Farm Park in the year 2000. Glen has help lead many groups and coalitions for agriculture through his work. Glen strives to be innovative and works hard to keep agriculture profitable so he can continue his legacy for his kids and grandkids. 

Trevor Fritzler is a 4th generation farmer who has help build Fritzler Farm Park and the agritainment business since 2000. Growing up operating the farm, creating new ideas in sales and entertainment, and developing new equipment and technology to solve industry problems has been Trevor's pure focus. 

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