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Farmers Revival is certified to process your organic material!


Farm |Grow|REVIVE

Farmers Revival seeks to bring creativity and practical solutions to hemp post-harvest, pre-extraction services.

  • Hemp Drying 

  • Biomass cleaning 

  • Decarboxylation

  • Pelletizing of biomass 

  • Extraction relationships and placement 

  • Sales and biomass purchasing 


These are just some of the few great things Farmers Revival can offer to help you. Farmers Revival also has developed programs and solutions that tailor to farmers needs to ensure the highest level of quality and return for the farmer and their product.




Farmers Revival offers a wide array of services to help make your hemp farm a success from start to finish!

  • Mechanical harvest and plant stripping

  • Uniquely designed mechanical hemp drying

  • Biomass cleaning and preparation for extraction

  • Pelletizing of biomass and other material

  • Decarboxylation on the front end of extraction

  • Extraction alignment and can help give you options for extraction

  • Biomass purchasing

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